Do you Know How to Get Rid of Your Forgetfulness or Memory Loss

Most of the people have forgetfulness and it might be quite funny sometimes but, it also turned out to be a big problem in most of the cases. We will search for things here and there but you won’t find them anywhere and at last, when we find them within our hands, we feel like “Oh my God!, it’s here the whole time and I couldn’t see. I forgot.” that’s how the situation will be in most of the cases. Forgetting one or two things a week or a month doesn’t matter but if it becomes a habit or if this happens very frequently then it should be considered as a problem. That may lead to Alzheimer’s. Do you know how to get rid of this forgetfulness or memory loss?

One should eat high protein food daily. If we include high protein food in our diet then we can protect ourselves from getting Alzheimer’s and for the one who already facing this problem, can stop the progression of it. By eating high protein food we can stop or reduce the rate of death of brain cells which in turn protects us from getting memory loss or Alzheimer’s. Let’s see what type of protein rich foods are to be eaten to increase our capability to reduce the rate of death of brain cells.

* We should eat a lot of leafy vegetables. Eating a lot of leafy vegetables increases memory power and also helps in keeping the memory for a long time.


* Eating Sprouts, leafy vegetables and vegetables especially cauliflower & broccoli gives the required energy for the brain. They also help for the whole body system.


* Walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds contain Omega 3 fatty acids and also the fats that are required to keep the brain healthy. Researchers have noticed that people consuming these nuts in required amount have a good memory power.


* Eating raspberries, blueberries and corn berries that belong to berries family increases memory power. They contain a lot of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. The fiber and pigment that is present in berries protect brain cells and its blood vessels from free radicals.

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Do you Know How to Get Rid of Your Forgetfulness or Memory Loss

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