Do you want to protect yourself from Diabetes…. ?

If once we are attacked with diabetes, then we can never undo it. Diabetes goes with the slogan that “prevention is better than cure”. so it’s better to prevent diabetes and protect ourselves from it.

There are mainly 6 reasons for the cause of diabetes. They are… Heavy weight (Obesity), smoking, drinking alcohol, food habits, mental stress and having no physical work for the body. Most of the people get Diabetes for these reasons. But, in few cases it can be Inherited from either mother or father. And other few may get diabetes if there is no production of insulin in their body. It’s better for them to take insulin supplements in the form of tablets or injections. Improper absorption of insulin into the cells of our body is the main reason why 95% of people get Diabetes.

protect yourself from Diabetes

To prevent diabetes, everyone should maintain proper diet and eat limited food. One should eat when they feel hungry. Also one should not eat Belly full. One should have a balanced diet. Eating tasty foods, rice with tasty curries, pickles will lead to diabetes. So, we should eat it as less as possible and add oats, oatmeal, millet, millet porridge, pulses, cereals, different kinds of fish and all kinds of vegetables to our diet. We should walk at least 40 minutes per day, it keeps us away from Diabetes. Also by doing so people who already have diabetes will have a chance to reduce it.

Daily we need to meditate for at least 10 minutes. This will reduce stress and hypertension. We should keep ourselves away from smoking and drinking alcohol. If you feel like keeping yourself away from smoking and drinking alcohol is very tough and hard then the results that you suffer after getting diabetes will be much harder. So, it’s better for us to prevent ourselves from Diabetes then searching for a cure after we get it.

If we follow these tips then we can be safe and healthy and away from diabetes.

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Do you want to protect yourself from Diabetes…. ?

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