Uses of Guava Fruit and its Leaves


Medical experts say that eating a guava fruit daily helps a lot for our health.

* If you eat the mixture of 10 grams of honey and 50 grams of fully ripened guava pulp, it will increase our physical strength.

* There will be proper blood circulation in our body if we eat guava fruit.

* If we eat guava pulp daily, we can be relieved from the suffering from different kinds of heart problems. We can see the results within 3 months.

* If we eat guava fruit daily after breakfast and supper, it will help in easy digestion.

* Guava fruit will also help in reducing mental stress.

* Chewing guava fruit will reduce a toothache and gum problems. Especially people who are suffering from a toothache can make a simple remedy with guava leaves. Take at least 25 guava leaves, wash them neatly and boil them in half liter drinking water. Strain the liquid residue into a bowl and add Crystal (spatika) to it and mix it well. Now if you gargle with this liquid, you will be relieved from your toothache.

* It even helps during the menstrual cycle. The properties that guava fruit contains helps us in relieving ourselves from painful periods.

* Guava also has the ability to protect us from breast cancer and prostate cancer. It also acts as the best preventive measure for even Gent’s and protects them from prostate cancer.

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Uses of Guava Fruit and its Leaves

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